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          "Mortal Glitch" is a multi-dimensional view of an artist's work. Using NAH's album and history as an acclaimed musician as an entry point, the exhibition shows other viewpoints stemming from the outlets of sound. NAH provides illustrations, collage work, and photography that he created alongside his album that shares the same name as the exhibition. 

          Expanding on the idea of viewing the creative inspiration for an audio project one step further, Nah, alongside Belgian creative team Oisoi, created an interactive virtual reality experience. In the world, the player finds themself in an apocalyptic world, at the scene of a convenience store that sits behind a burning cop car. 

           The 'end of the world' view of the virtual reality experience lends insight into the year of chaos and hostility felt throughout the world due to current events. It also parallels the intensity and sometimes absurdist attitudes that have been littered throughout NAH's discography that stretches back more than ten years, incapsulating more than twenty-five projects. 

           These running themes also cross over into NAH's collage and photography displayed in the exhibition. The work teeters on the edge of edgy/scary and cheeky. Funny and grotesque. Never fully diving into anyone's mood, similar to the way of many life experiences. For more form NAH please visit his website,

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