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JULY 31ST - AUGUST 30th, 2020

           Society provides us with guidelines, rules, and guardrails to maneuver us through the ever-unpredictable journey of life. The unfamiliar journey, although accompanied by billions, is a specific special experience to each individual - who when entering the world from an environment of darkness, is propelled into a different form of darkness, darkness formed by a cloud of uncertainty. Uncertainty of purpose, belonging, and meaning.

          These aforementioned societal guidelines act as a lantern to shine a light on the darkness and provide an already forged path of the way things should be done and of how life should be lived. A true artist turns the gifted lantern off. Through their artistic evolution, they form their own way of perception and through that perception they construct their own highway through life, creating their own guiding light.

          Park Hyeun Ho, working with the medium of oil on canvas, is consistently conscious of his journey and the movement of his individuality within the constraints of the world. His journey from Korean born citizen, to Australian up-bringing, to returning to Korean society as an adult is unique within itself but through his work, he dissects,


distorts, and deconstructs his point of view to present artwork that feels like snapshots taken during the ultimate journey.

         For his first solo exhibition titled “Everything In Its Right Place”, Park Hyeun Ho gives the viewer both intact and deconstructed perspectives of imagery and divides the said imagery into three stages of the journey. The beginning, or the stage covered in the darkness of the lack of identity where only true observation reigns supreme. The second stage, showing the artist’s subjective line of sight he’s developed during this journey and the third stage being the collective of all journeys which form the world we live in. Bringing all three together, the viewer gains insight into Park Hyeun Ho’s timeline while simultaneously putting their own into question.

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