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       Potluck is the continuation of tradition from an inherently unique angle. The tradition of which each generation of New York youth culture has partaken in for decades. It’s a tradition of using art and film to portray each generation’s personal experience that they share with the current state of the city, an experience that has brought them into the DNA of the city’s history, but also given them a perspective that will only be shared by the ones participating in this exact time.        


       The film by Diego Donival, features eight characters carrying the energy of New York skating into the future. Filmed with multiple mediums including Super 8 film, Hi-8, VHS, and the classic Sony VX, the film captures the vibrancy and youthfulness of everyone involved, while also maintaining the reputation of street skating that precedes New York. 

       The exhibition accompanying the month long 
screening of the film features three artists whose 
works give additional context to the environments, 
lifestyles, and attitudes that have seeped their way into the fabric of the video. Quinn Batley, who is also a featured skater in the video and Mark Custer provide still images that act as a lens into the behind-the-scenes of the filming. Capturing moments both on and off the board, they


provide a greater insight into the most precious moments and emotions of the skaters’ lives during the filming of Potluck.


       In continuing the spirit of giving a stronger, more multi-dimensional context to the film, Violet Cheverez’s animation stills featuring black and white line drawings give both an abstract view of the world around the skater, as well as a more focused look at the actual art direction of the project. 

Featured Skaters: Caleb Yuan, Kyota Umeki, Marcello Campanello, Issac White, Quinn Batley, Sully Cormier, Yaje Popson

Featured Artists: Mark Custer, Quinn Batley, Violet Cheverez

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